2013 Philadelphia Science Festival by Day Continued

Thurs April 25th

Do you like computers as much as I do? Then you should make the effort to see Michael Dell, the Chairman and CEO of Dell, speak about the business side of innovation.


Another exciting event happening this day is Science Day at the Ball Park at the Phillies stadium. Check out several hands on activities and learn about the physics behind the baseball.

Ticket price varies.

Reservations required.

Do you like cheese? Of course you do! But do you know about the microbiology behind the creation of cheese? I am guessing you do not – so make it a point to stop by at DiBruno Brothers to learn about fermentation, and of course, taste the cheese! cheese. Have some Fun with Fermentation: Kimcheese!

Tickets: $15

Reservations required.


Fri April 26th

Friday night is all about astronomy. Attend Astronomy Night Cafe: Edge of the Universe before heading out across the city for Astronomy Night. The first event discusses theories like “big bounce” and the “big rip”. Paul Halpern will be discussing his book, Edge of the Universe: A Voyage to the Cosmic Horizon and Beyond, so don’t miss out on this fascinating discussion. We told you all about Astronomy Night in one of our last posts, so you have no excuse not to go!


Sat April 27th.

Ever dreamed about being a detective? Are you a SVU or CSI fan? If you are, then definitely make it over to Discovery Day: Be the Detective! This is a hands-on activity where you can dust for fingerprints and learn how DNA can help solve crime.


If solving crime ain’t your jam, there is another hands-on event, Discovery Day: Ciencia and Me. Unwrap the mystery of everyday materials, taste & smell. The best part is you get to eat the science experiments!


We’ve already told you about Iron Physicist. Try to make some time to check it out!

Sun April 28th.

Sadly all great things must come to an end. Sunday April 28th is the festival’s last day. There are four wonderful events to choose from. From Science at the Seaport to Science for Sinners you really can’t go wrong.

Because I want to encourage girls and women to enter into the field of science, I highly recommend bringing your family to Science Surprises: Vicki Cobb’s One Woman Science Show. To find out more about the woman behind the science you can check out her website or her blog.


If you have ever wondered what it takes to build an urban farm, attend Discovery Day: Urban Farming. You will learn the best ways to grow vegetables, how to test soil and you can sample the vegetables of an urban garden. Also, beekeeping!

Thanks for reading our blog about the Philly Science Festival. Let us know what your favorite events were at info@tutordelphia.com or leave a comment below!



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