Computer Programming is a Superpower

Programming is a Superpower.
Writing your first computer program can be a magical experience. However, not every student has the opportunity to try computer programming. and Tutor Delphia are working to bring that experience to more students.

My First Program.
I went to a very small high school (Jenkintown High School) which did not offer programming; however, I got lucky: my math teacher, Mr. Flynn, programmed beautiful fractals as a hobby and offered to teach me to code in his free period. Later, Mr. Flynn helped me create my first real program: a science program where you could send planetary objects into orbit around a sun (think Angry Birds in Space with planets instead).With computer programming and math you can make beautiful fractals.

These early beginnings with programming have made a huge difference in my life. I learned that programming is a creative process. It is an art where you can create something that people use and share. I also gained an understanding of how programs work, which has helped me with everything from knowing how to use Excel or Photoshop to creating my own programs to solve problems.

Bringing Code to More Students.
Learning how to code should be a basic part of education and every child and adult should have the opportunity to learn. In an effort to get more computer science courses in the classroom,, a non-profit foundation dedicated to growing computer programming and education, recently released a video campaign explaining why computer science is integral to a child’s learning process. With appearances by celebrities in both the pop and computer world, their video discusses how learning to code can enrich a child, as well an adult’s life like programming did for mine.

Your first program.
Want to write your first program or help your son or daughter write their first one? has a list of great resources to learn to code. There are now more and better resources for learning how to code than has ever existed before…by a mile. Just 3 years ago, many of the sites we are recommending did not exist. Whether you are young or old take advantage of this opportunity.

Here are some suggested resources:

1) Code Academy
This site offers free coding classes in both programming and web development languages. You can learn simple code like HTML, to a more complicated one like Python. One of the many benefits of using this website is that it is updated frequently in addition to being a user friendly site.

2) The Code Avengers
The site offers a fun and youthful way to learn CSS, HTML & Javascript. Code Avenger breaks up the coding with mini-games which may be helpful for those with shorter attention spans. It is a great place to start for beginners.

3) Code School
Code School is one of the few sites that offers both videos and an interactive place to write your code. The videos include fun themes from Zombies to being a pilot. The school divides its lessons into four coding paths: Ruby, Javascript, HTML/CSS and iOS.

And More… lists several more tools at the learn coding part of their website. No matter your level, you can find a coding resource that is right for you.

The benefits.
Not only does coding give children a creative outlet for their ideas, it teaches skills such as abstract concepts, logic sequences and prepares children for future job opportunities.

Additionally, code also allows children to express themselves in another language. Programming languages are the modern day equivalent of learning Latin. Once your child learns one (like Python), they can easily move on to other and more complicated coding languages.

Our Part.
Inspired by our love of coding and this video, Tutor Delphia is working to do our small part by adding programming for beginners to our tutoring offerings. If you need help learning basic computer skills or beginning programming, Tutor Delphia is here to help. Book an appointment today!

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